Hi, I'm Jeremy Djurovich, the owner of Proactivity

At Proactivity, we have over 12 years of experience with running sports parties, school education programs and community events. The year 2020 has bought a lot of uncertainty for businesses, families and communities across the world. At Proactivity, we decided to become more innovative and think outside the box.

Sports and fitness programs & packs to your home

We include FREE online videos - which have a range of lessons, games and age appropriate challenges to keep your children, active, healthy and happy as well as setup videos to make it easy for you to get the kids' games going.

Parents must supervise their children when using the equipment to ensure children are safe and supported in these activities.

These backyard lessons are designed for one child. However, a whole family can use the lessons and equipment. You just must ensure children are taking turns.

The lessons are easily adaptable to suit your backyard.

How does it work?