Yoga & Meditation

Our Nervous systems are busy and we don't ever stop and slow down unless we're sleeping. We have Yoga and Meditation Programs for children and adults. The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for intense physical activity and is often referred to as the fight-or-flight response, which we spend most of our day in. The parasympathetic nervous system has almost the exact opposite effect and relaxes the body and inhibits or slows many high energy functions.

These programs are designed to focus on different breathing techniques to help us when external stressors arise. The Yoga instructor teaches their class to hold poses in the correct alignment. We spend most of our day in poor posture, with a snore neck and tight hamstrings. Our Yoga Programs will allow the participants to move freely whilst linking breath to movement.

Yoga & Meditation Programs are suitable for ages:

- Early Years (3-5 year olds)

- Primary School students

- Senior School students

- Adult programs