Our Year 7 and 8 programs develop leadership, teamwork and assist students to transition to secondary school.

The development of year 7 and 8 students sees an increase of the students’ knowledge and understanding of leisure, social, and movement situations. By the end of Year 8, students evaluate strategies and resources to manage changes and transitions and investigate their impact on identities. They investigate and apply movement concepts and select strategies to achieve movement and fitness outcomes. They examine the cultural and historical significance of physical activities and examine how connecting to the environment can enhance health and wellbeing. Students apply personal and social skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships and promote safety, fair play, and inclusivity. Students demonstrate control and accuracy when performing specialised movement sequences and skills. They apply movement concepts and refine strategies to suit different movement situations. They apply the elements of movement to compose and perform movement sequences.

Moving Our Body

Use feedback to improve body control and coordination when performing specialised movement skills in a variety of situations ACPMP080.

Practise, apply and transfer movement concepts and strategies with and without equipment ACPMP082.

Understanding Movement

Demonstrate and explain how the elements of effort, space, time, objects, and people can enhance movement sequences ACPMP084.

Learning Through Movement

Practise and apply personal and social skills when undertaking a range of roles in physical activities ACPMP086.

Evaluate and justify reasons for decisions and choices of action when solving movement challenges ACPMP087. Modify rules and scoring systems to allow for fair play, safety and inclusive participation ACPMP088.

Benefits of Proactivity Programs:
  • Proactivity programs come to your school or preferred venue.
  • Our coaches are fully qualified and have expertise in sports and recreational activities. They have been selected for their passion for movement and inspiring approach to leadership.
  • We ensure that all programs are individually designed to reach the needs of your students and school facilities.
  • We use best practise models of leadership and coaching to ensure your students are able to develop their skills in sports and improve their self-confidence in physical activity.
  • We create inclusive programs that allow every student to be supported by their school community and develop a positive understanding of themselves and others, regardless of their differences, culture, and abilities.
Our programs can be used for:
  • Health and PE lessons
  • Year Level Days
  • Outdoor Education Leadership
  • Health and Wellbeing Experiences
  • Active Recreation pursuits
  • School Fairs
  • Celebration and Reward days
  • Orientation days

Proactivity is committed to keeping students safe, please see our COVID-19 Policies for more information.

Proactivity Programs for Years 7 & 8