Sports and fitness programs & packs delivered to your school.

We include FREE online videos - which have a range of lesson plans, games and age appropriate challenges to keep your students, active, healthy and happy as well as activity setup videos to make it easy for you to get the programs started.

Some of our equipment packs include:

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Frisbees and bean bags
  • 1 x Giant Frisbee Mat
  • 5 x Bean Bags
  • 5 x Frisbees
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Giant Earth Balls
  • 2 x Giant Earth Ball Inflatable
  • with pump included
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AFL Handball
  • 2 x AFL Handball Targets
  • 2 x AFL Footballs
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Frisbee Catchers
  • 2 x Frisbee Catcher Target
  • 5 x Frisbees
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Tug of war
  • 1 x 4-way Tug of War
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  • 1 x 9M Parachute
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Sack Races
  • 5 x Sack Races
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Egg and spoon races
  • 5 x Egg and Spoon
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Fitness Obstacle Course
  • 4 x 4M Agility Ladders
  • 12 x Agility Poles and Bases
  • 8 x Mini Hurdles (30cm)
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Circus Skills
  • 5 x Diablos
  • 5 x Spinning Plates
  • 5 x Devil Sticks (Flower Sticks)
  • 15 x Juggling Scarfs
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Teachers must supervise their students when using the equipment to ensure students are safe and supported in these activities.

Each activity is designed for one class to participate at a time. However, book multiple activities and have more classes using the lessons and equipment.

The lessons are easily adaptable to suit your requirements.