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Our Leadership Team

The team behind Proactivity's operations and specialists.

Jeremy Djurovich

Managing Director

Jeremy Djurovich is the Managing Director of Proactivity and his enthusiasm to contribute to communities and passion for good health and active living, ensures that the activities and programs offered through the company are designed to encourage a love for a healthy active lifestyle. He understands the important role that positive, inclusive experiences play for children of all ages and is keen to ensure that Proactivity offers learning through fun, safe sporting experiences.

Simon Campbell

Operations Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the Sport and Recreation industry, our Operations Manager Simon Campbell has coached a variety of sports and recreational pursuits. At Proactivity we create positive environments for people to learn new skills and Simon believes that everyone can learn given the right attitude and environment. His super positive approach and passion for the power of sport ensures that we provide activities that are not only fun but encourage everyone to include activity as a part of their healthy lifestyle.

Jan Stone

Customer Support Manager

Jan Stone is the usually the first member of the Proactivity team that you will meet when you contact our organisation. As the Customer Support Manager, her role is to ensure that we can assist you to select a sporting or program experience that is suitable for your group. Jan has extensive experience in school communities and understands the needs of primary and secondary students in schools. She is a coach and mentor in sport and understands the value of teamwork to achieve success.

Melynda Champion

Administration Manager

The key to a successful organisation is the smooth procedures of administration and Melynda is the lady who ensures that our Proactivity programs, coaches and staff are balanced and accountable. She is aware of what busy places schools can be and the administration processes that are required by schools to ensure that people and programs are a part of a safe and positive learning environment.

Airlie Tudhope

PE Specialist

Airlie Tudhope is the Co-Founder of PE Made Easy. She is also a leading Physical Education teacher, presenter and consultant specialising in curriculum design and resource development for engaging Health and Physical Education (HPE) programs.

Airlie has an extensive background in HPE teaching and school leadership, and is currently an Education Manager with the Richmond Institute (the education arm of the Richmond Football Club).

Airlie is passionate about building the capacity of teachers and coaches, developing engaging curriculum resources, and creating outstanding experiences for students.

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