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Core Program 3 - Mindful Movement Level 1

Yoga amd Mindfulness Programs for Foundation to Year 2 students

Mindful Movement is an innovative program designed to introduce children in Foundation to Year 2 to the practice of mindfulness through movement.

Students are provided opportunities to build personal and social skills when working with others across a range of ‘mindful’ activities.

Proactivity Mindful Movement Programs align with the Victorian Curriculum.

Mindful Movement Program Overview

Mindful Movement focuses on helping students develop their physical and mental awareness, emotional regulation, and overall well-being, all while having fun and exploring new ways to move their bodies.

Our Mindful Movement Program is led by expert Instructors who are dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages children to explore their inner selves and build a foundational mind-body connection.

Key Focus Points:

  • Moving Your Body
  • Construct and perform imaginative and original movement sequences
  • Movement sequencing

Curriculum Outcomes

Ensure your curriculum program meets achievement outcomes by including a progressive and engaging Mindful and Movement program.

Curriculum Standards met:

Moving the body

  • Perform fundamental movement skills in different movement situations in indoor, outdoor and aquatic settings (VCHPEM080)
  • Construct and perform imaginative and original movement sequences in response to stimuli (VCHPEM081)
  • Create and participate in games (VCHPEM082)

Learning through movement

  • Use strategies to work in group situations when participating in physical activities (VCHPEM085)
  • Propose a range of alternatives and test their effectiveness when solving movement challenges (VCHPEM086)
  • Identify rules and fair play when creating and participating in physical activities (VCHPEM087)

Major Category = Active Play and Minor Games. Rhythmic and Expressive.

Program Inclusions

Curriculum Links

Foundation Years

Moving the body
Practise fundamental movement skills and movement sequences using different body parts and in response to stimuli in indoor, outdoor and aquatic settings.

Participate in games with and without equipment.

Learning through movement
Use trial and error to test solutions to movement challenges.

Years 1 and 2

Moving the body
Construct and perform imaginative and original movement sequences in response to stimuli.

Understanding movement
Discuss the body’s reactions to participating in physical activities. Incorporate elements of effort, space, time, objects and people in performing simple movement sequences.

Learning through movement
Propose a range of alternatives and test their effectiveness when solving movement challenges.

Learning Objectives
  • Students will learn the difference between inhale and exhale
  • Students will learn to hold postures in stillness
  • Students will create animal shapes
  • Students will move through small sequence with the shapes learnt
Learning Activities
  • Students will create yoga shapes in rhythm to music
  • Students will perform high energy yoga shapes.
  • Create animal shapes
  • Practise balancing
  • Practise a breathing technique of simple inhale and exhale
  • Practise holding the breath
  • Create a small sequence with the shapes learnt in a fun dancing way
  • Hold shapes in stillness – meditative way and make it like a game
  • Relaxation, savasana, guided visualisation
Learning Objectives
  • Students will recap last week and remind and ask them what they have learned
  • Students will practise breathing techniques
  • Students will perform basic guided meditation
  • Students will learn about a basic, fun flow incorporating shapes and breath
Learning Activities
  • Show 10 new shapes in a fun way with music
  • Practise holding postures in stillness
  • Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing)
  • A gentle guided meditation with using positivity, gratitude or visualisation
  • Bumble Bee – Sound and breath creating internal resonance
  • Fun Flow, connecting to their bodies and their breath when moving
  • Going from high energy to soft energy – emotional regulation
  • Balancing postures working on coordination
  • Learning to move quickly then pause and do breath work or meditation
  • Relaxation, savasana, guided visualisation
Learning Objectives
  • Students will learn to take a simple meditation
  • Students will improve their balance and coordination
  • Students will learn about different anatomical bones, muscles etc
  • Students will practise breathing techniques
Learning Activities
  • Practise breathing techniques
  • Practise meditation
  • Fun and engaging warm up shapes
  • Practise lying still holding their heart and stomach and connect to themselves
  • Move through yoga flows connection to breath
  • Learn how to relax their breath and nervous system when stressed, anxious etc
  • Balancing in shapes and connect to their coordination
  • Meditation and box breath
  • Relaxation and savasana
Learning Objectives
  • Students will recap all of the last three weeks and discuss what we have learnt
  • Students will practise all the skills they have learnt thus far
  • Students will reflect and determine what has helped them
  • Students will apply learning to everyday life
Learning Activities
  • Gratitude time
  • Discuss what they are good at or what makes them special and their learnings
  • Move through a different yoga flow while emphasising breath (inhale,exhale)
  • Ask students what yoga shapes they remember and create together (student focused)
  • A longer meditation – counting back or up and remaining still
  • A new breath work
  • Relaxation, savasana, guided visualisation

Compliance Ready

  • Risk Assessments, Insurance and WWCC’s
  • Qualified instructors and equipment provided
  • Flexible delivery model
  • Proactivity is committed to keeping students safe, please see our COVID-19 Policies for more information.

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