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Mini Golf Activations

Mobile Mini Golf for Events

Our portable Mini Golf Courses are the perfect addition to any Event, providing a fun and exciting Activity that will get everyone involved.

Whether you’re planning a Corporate Team Building Event or a Family Fun Day for the Community, our Mini Golf Courses are suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Mini Golf Activation Overview

Our portable Mini Golf Course is a wonderful addition for Events that have young children and families.

Perfect for

  • Council and Community Events
  • Product Launches
  • Open Days
  • Team Building Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Brand Activations
  • Charity Events
  • Conferences
  • Workshops

What’s Included

Our experienced Instructors are trained to work with all age levels, children and adults, from beginners to advanced. We provide all the necessary equipment and safety gear, ensuring that everyone can focus on improving their technique and having fun.

  • 9 hole course with obstacles are provided along with experienced team leaders
  • ‘Come and Try’ Set-up
  • Mini Golf Team Challenges and Target Games
  • Compliant ready: – Risk Assessment, Insurance and WWCC’s
  • Can cater to small and large Events
  • The course can be modified to large or small spaces. Depending on the space provided, bunting is available to protect and define the playing area.
  • Different size putters for young kids to adults
  • Indoor or outdoor setup catered to your needs
  • Suitable for all ages
All equipment is provided and Proactivity’s professional coaches ensure that the events run smoothly and safely.

Compliance Ready

  • Risk Assessments, Insurance and WWCC’s
  • Qualified instructors and equipment provided
  • Flexible delivery model
  • Proactivity is committed to keeping participants safe, please see our COVID-19 Policies for more information.

We provide:

Accredited Coaches
All equipment is supplied, set up and packed up
7 Activations ready to go
A flexible delivery model
Risk management plans

16+ Years of Fantastic Sports Events!

Community Events Provided
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What Sets Us Apart?

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