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Sporting Schools Initiatives

Empowering active futures by unlocking the potential of Sporting Schools Initiatives

Proactivity proudly participates as an Accredited Sporting Schools Program Provider, offering tailored, high-quality sports experiences for Foundation to Year 8 Students. Whether before, during or after School, we’re dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of sports while boosting confidence and capability.

Our NSO-Accredited Coaches bring National Sporting Organization Accreditation ensuring top-notch guidance for your students.

The Proactivity Experience

Aligned with the ‘Playing for Life’ Philosophy, our Sporting Schools Incursion Programs aim to achieve Three Key Objectives:

Enhancing Physical Activity: 

Elevating activity levels among school-aged children to promote

healthier lifestyles.

Inclusive Participation: 

Creating safe, fun, and inclusive opportunities for participation in sports

and structured physical activities.

Community Engagement: 

Stimulating local community involvement in structured physical

activities and sports.

Choose from a wide range of over 10 Sporting Schools Programs

Including but not limited to:


Proactivity’s AFL program is aimed at both teaching and building on fundamental skills of the game, such as kicking, hand balling, marking, bouncing and tacking, in a fun environment for everyone.

The Proactivity Athletics program is an introduction to fundamental movement skills in the variety of events that are included in both track and field categories. Our programs include jumping and landing skills, an introduction to hurdles.

Proactivity’s Basketball program is based around having fun. It is filled with activities that relate to fundamental skills in Basketball. The focus is on maximum participation and student engagement and it caters for all age groups and skill levels.

Proactivity’s Cricket program is aimed at developing the basic skills and abilities necessary for the sport of cricket whilst also providing a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all involved.

Proactivity Soccer program is designed to improve each student’s techniques. Emphasis is placed on each student, playing improving the 4 core skills of the game.

Proactivity’s Golf program provides a basic introduction to the game of golf using simple introductory technical instruction beginning with the grip and progressing into a basic full swing.

Proactivity’s Gymnastics program focuses on fundamental movement skills, including coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Proactivity’s Netball program focuses on skill development through active participation, game sense and inquiry learning, assisting each student to progress individually and within the team environment.


Proactivity’s Taekwondo program helps students to develop skills, such as self-confidence, flexibility, overall body strength, discipline, dedication, improving memory, mental toughness, overall fitness and importantly learning self-defence techniques.

Proactivity’s Touch Rugby program is fun, safe and non-contact. This program is suited to all ages and levels of fitness and skill. This exciting program will develop fine and major motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, self confidence, flexibility as well as teamwork and leadership qualities.

Proactivity’s Ultimate Frisbee program harnesses co-operation, movement, and fair play through our team activities such as Captain Catcher, Skittles and Stitch. It’s bound to have your students finding a new love for a different sport.

We provide:

Accredited Coaches
All equipment is supplied, set up and packed up
10+ Sports programs to choose from
A flexible delivery model
Risk management plans

16+ Years of Fantastic Sports Incursions!

Proactivity has been providing students with positive learning experiences for 16+ years, trusted by schools across Melbourne and surrounding areas. Trusted by many Schools such as Haileybury, PLC, Shelford Girls’ Grammar, Kilbreda College, Norwood Secondary College, Box Hill North Primary School, Glen Waverley South Primary School, Wesley College and so much more!

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