Snookie Soccer Pool Activation

Proactivity's Snookball combines the game of 8-ball pool with the skills of Soccer to produce a fantasticly entertaining series of games!

With varying sized "tables", our Snookball games can mixed and matched with different rules to suit the number of players, size and space available.

Like pool, a player or team wins the game when they pocket all of their balls and then finally sink the black ball.

Small Snookie Soccer Specs

External size: 4.6m x 3.1m

Internal playing around size: 3.9m x 2.4m

Large Snookie Soccer Specs

External Size: 7.8m x 4m

Internal playing around size: 6.5m x 3.4m

Game variations include:

  • 9-Ball: Pocket the 9-ball to win, making contact with the lowest numbered ball first.
  • Turbo 8-Ball: Same as 8-ball, but each side only has three balls in their group to begin.
  • Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E: Sink a trick shot for your opponents to copy, if they fail, they get a letter.
  • 3 Player Cut-Throat: With 5 balls each, take turns to sink all opponent's balls to eliminate them. Last one standing wins!

Proactivity is committed to keeping children safe, please see our COVID-19 Policies for more information.