Sports Programs featuring Haileybury

We loved our day with the Year 7 & 8 students from Haileybury!

The students at Haileybury had an epic House Sports Day. We provided a variety of different activities and the students moved through a station rotation format. This can vary from the timing of the rotation, the age of the students and what activities the school wants to run.

For Haileybury's house sports event we facilitated the following activities; Ninja Warrior, frisbee target games, skipping, fitness and our giant earth balls. We loved hearing the students cheer for their house team and we feel so fortunate to have run this wonderful memorable event.

Our programs are designed for students to critically think, be engaged, work in teams and develop new and existing skills sets.

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Our programs are designed for ages:

• Early Years (3-5yo)

• Primary students

• Secondary students

• Adult community events

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