Life is unexpected, and we will never know what is round the corner. Business has been quiet and sometimes life is just out of our hands. Learning, inquiring, developing and reflecting have been our main focuses the past few months.

One thing, I have realised for sure is that in 12 years of business relationships are key. We value relationships here at Proactivity. We will get through this together and I’m forever grateful for my family, colleagues, clients and partnerships.

At Proactivity, like many other businesses we have experienced uncertainty and vulnerability. This period in time has allowed me to focus on what we can control rather than what we can't.

At Proactivity, we believe in helping the children of the future. Helping them grow physically, socially and emotionally. In some cases, we only have one hour to work with a group of children. However, the children could have the greatest time ever! Our coaches strive to develop a positive rapport with any child they work with.

If you want to connect and learn more about what we do at Proactivity; I’d love to connect with you.

Stay safe & be kind to one another.