Leaders Of Evolution Partners

Leaders of Evolution (LoE) are proud to partner with Proactivity in the coach education space. The role of the coach in engaging young people in sport is critical and with the right support structures in place Proactivity not only keep young people involved in sport, they also inspire long term involvement from their coaches. The LoE team are excited to play a role in creating online and face to face learning opportunities for Proactivity coaches.

Sporting Schools Partners

Did you know that schools can access Australian Government funding to provide sports programs?

Proactivity can come into your school and deliver a 4 week Sporting Schools programs at ZERO COST to your school and students. Find out more how we can help you with delivering exciting sports programs with Sporting Schools at your school.

Proactivity is nationally accredited and endorsed to run the following sports: Gymnastics, Hockey & Softball.

Vacpsp Partners

Proactivity is pleased to be a partner of your principals’ association, VACPSP Inc. Proactivity has been accepted by VACPSP Inc to participate in this partnership opportunity because the organisation has built a strong and sound reputation within the education sector. It is important that VACPSP Inc is able to promote and endorse the products and services provided by Proactivity to its members.

Gymnastics Victoria Partners

Proactivity is a Schools Only Gymnastics provider with Gymnastics Victoria for schools programs.

Ipsha Partners

Proactivity is proud to be an official partner of the The Victorian Branch of IPSHA (The Independent Primary School Heads of Australia).

Rh Sports Logo

RHSports is the largest wholesale supplier of sports equipment and clothing in Australia and they are proud to support Australian sports from the grassroots up. RH Sports have been successfully assisting clients for 40 years and pride themselves on superior customer service and quality standards. Proactivity has partnered with RH Sports to provide us with quality sporting equipment and clothing solutions which help Australians Get Active.

Logo Ethical Leaders 280

The partnership between Proactivity and Pete Muling, 'The Triangles Guy' is based on a strong alignment between the core values and beliefs driving our respective businesses. As an educational leader, author, trainer and coach, Pete’s services focus on supporting people to lead with integrity, skill and purpose. Proactivity has embraced its partnership with Pete as we continuously strive to be highly skilled and ethical leaders in our field.

Logo Oesa 280

Outdoor Education Solutions Australia (OESA) is proud to partner with Proactivity in the movement education, student relationship, and well-being space.

The role of a teacher, facilitator, and or coach in engaging and motivating young people in outdoor activities, skills for beyond the classroom, and sport, is critical.

School, like life, should be focused on creating positive, genuine, caring, and lasting relationships. Relationships drive the learning for the children, not the subject content.

OESA and Proactivity, with the right support structures in place, not only keep young people involved in sport and outdoor learning, they also inspire long term involvement and connection from their respective staff.

The OESA team are excited to play a key role in creating engaging, inclusive, and fun outdoor educational learning opportunities alongside the Proactivity coaches.

Logo Pe Made Easy 280

PE Made Easy are on a mission to support teachers to plan and deliver outstanding Health & PE programs that inspire students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Proactivity has partnered with PE Made Easy to align our school programs to the Victorian curriculum and build the capacity of our coaches to lead exceptional sessions.