What are Circus Skills?

Circus skills are a group of pursuits that have been performed as entertainment in circuses, sideshow, busking, or variety, vaudeville or music hall shows. Most circus skills are still being performed today. Many are also practised by non-performers as a hobby.

Proactivity Circus Skills Balance

What are the benefits of Circus Skills?

Learning circus skills provides a wide range of benefits to the participant – increased attention span and focus, personal and social growth, mental and emotional health – all the while within a non-competitive and fun atmosphere. Circus skills have the capacity to improve your students:

  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Reflexes
  • Balance
  • Concentration
  • Self Confidence
  • Patience
  • Social Skills
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Proactivity Circus Skills

At Proactivity, we believe that learning circus skills creates a sense of achievement and boosts self-esteem. Basic skills can be learned very quickly and most people find that they can do something that they previously thought 'impossible'. Skills such as flower sticks, plate spinning and juggling with scarves, bean bags or balls improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, manipulation, throwing and catching skills.

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