What is MyGolf?

MyGolf is Australia’s national junior golf program to promote participation in golf, endorsed by Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia. The program has been designed to ensure children have a fun and safe introduction to golf, with a structured, realistic and achievable program.

What are the benefits to MyGolf?

The MyGolf program encourages learning through fun, team-based, inclusive games and activities which allow for skill repetition and progression. The essence of the program is for juniors to enjoy golf and learn and develop new motor and life skills along the way.The MyGolf Primary school program and the Golf Australia Secondary school program are designed to ensure participants meet curriculum learning outcomes as well as progressing along with Sport Australia’s Physical Literacy Framework. Both the MyGolf Primary and Secondary School programs can be delivered in 4-8 sessions on the school grounds and aim to introduce students to the three main skills of golf; putting, chipping, and full swing, through engaging games and activities that can be modified for all abilities.

Proactivity's MyGolf program is grade-specific and equipped with learning intentions, focus questions, and game modifications to assist in the delivery of these programs.