What is Operation Energize?

The Proactivity Operation Energize Program is designed for Year 9 and 10 students to encourage them to develop their understanding and enjoyment of exercise through a group exercise program. Operation Energize challenges students athletic abilities through integrated exercise programs that encourage students to develop their understanding of the methods used for strength and conditioning training and the benefits of improving your physical and mental health through exercise.

Operation Energize considers the elements of fitness and the different ways that we can strengthen our bodies and minds.Our Proactivity coaches will support your students to understand the types of training methods that we use to improve performance and the ways we can improve our physical fitness through a regular exercise regime.

Benefits of Operation Energize.

  • Encourages teamwork
  • Improves understanding of fitness and the role of exercise.
  • All equipment is supplied
  • Program is held at your school or at a venue of your choice
  • All students are encouraged to participate and be their best.
  • Students learn about energy systems and muscle groups.
  • Students are supported to challenge themselves in an active, fun environment.

Proactivity Operation Energise Programs align with the Victorian Curriculum

Curriculum links and program details

Secondary School

Curriculum Links

Moving the body
Use feedback to improve body control and coordination when performing specialised movement skills.

Compose and perform movement sequences for specific purposes in a variety of contexts.

Practise, apply and transfer movement concepts and strategies.

Understanding movement
Participate in physical activities that develop health-related and skill-related fitness components.

Demonstrate and explain how the elements of effort, space, time, objects and people can enhance performance.

Learning through movement
Practise and apply personal and social skills when undertaking a range of roles in physical activities.

Curriculum Links

Moving the body
Perform and refine specialised movement skills in challenging movement situations.

Evaluate own and others’ movement compositions, and provide and apply feedback in order to enhance performance situations.

Learning through movement
Transfer understanding from previous movement experiences to create solutions to movement challenges.

Capabilities: Personal & Social

Self-Awareness and Management

  • This strand involves students in identifying and describing the factors that influence their emotional responses.
  • Students develop the knowledge and skills to regulate, manage and monitor their emotions.
  • They develop a realistic sense of their personal strengths and have a realistic assessment of their own achievements and a sense of self-knowledge and self-confidence.
  • They identify personal characteristics and interpret their own emotional states, needs and perspectives.
  • Students develop skills to work independently and to show initiative, learning to be conscientious, delaying gratification and persevering in the face of setbacks and frustrations.

Social Awareness and Management

  • This strand involves students recognising others' feelings and knowing how and when to assist others.
  • Students learn to show respect for and understand others' perspectives, emotional states and needs.
  • They learn to participate in positive, safe and respectful relationships, defining and accepting individual and group roles and responsibilities.
  • Students gain an understanding of the role of advocacy in contemporary society and build their capacity to critique societal constructs and forms of discrimination.
  • This strand involves students interacting effectively and respectfully with a range of adults and peers.
  • Students learn to negotiate with others; work in teams, positively contribute to groups and collaboratively make decisions; develop leadership skills, resolve conflict and reach positive outcomes.
  • Students develop the ability to initiate and manage successful personal relationships.