What is Cheerleading?

In its simplest terms, cheerleading is the performance of athletic skills, jumps, dance and/or chanting to gain a response from spectators at an event ,whether this is in support of a sports team, or simply to score points in a cheerleading competition.

Benefits of Cheerleading.

Cheerleading is not just fun but a sport that benefits participants in the following ways:

Physical Endurance. Cheerleading is a great cardio workout.

Strength Training. Cheerleading is a whole body workout.

Flexibility. Stretching exercises within each class will develop your flexibility and increasing your range of movement.

Coordination. Cheerleading requires participants to not just move through different sequences but engages athletes in fine motor coordination through hand and feet patterns.

Team player and leadership skills. This is an activity where everyone works together to move as one unit. It requires leadership and good communication skills.

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Proactivity Cheerleading.

Our cheerleading coaches are experienced athletes and coaches, who have competed both nationally and at World Championships. Their passion for the sport and knowledge of skills and techniques in cheerleading will ensure that your class will be working together and creating fun routines.

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“Wimps lift weights, Cheerleaders lift people.”
– Stephanie, PA, USA