What is Sport Aerobics?

Sport aerobics also referred to as aerobic gymnastics, is a sport where the objective is to perform several high-intensity gymnastic moves and patterns that are synchronised with fast-paced music. The sport, which originated as a variation of traditional aerobics, later integrated aspects of sports acrobatics and rhythmic gymnastics, dance and choreography.

Sport Aerobics Routines

Sport aerobics consist of a routine that lasts up to 90 seconds and includes movements from four elements: dynamic strength, static strength, balance and flexibility. Sport aerobic routines are both individual and team events for both, men, women and mixed teams. Each routine should include moment patterns with both arms and legs, and pushups, high leg kicks and jumping jacks are compulsory movements, while the entire routine should be performed as music choreography.

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Advantages of Sports Aerobics

Sports aerobics is an interesting, recreational and competitive sport that performs active movement patterns to fast paced music. It is a sport that offers fun and artistic qualities of working together in a routine. The benefits of participating in this sport are:

  • Builds strength and flexibility
  • Develops agility, coordination and self confidence
  • It is modern, fast paced and intense
  • It is exciting, creative and aesthetically pleasing to watch
  • Develops aerobic endurance within fun and entertaining environments

Proactivity Sport Aerobics

At Proactivity we are passionate about opportunities to develop teamwork and have fun and sport aerobics is able to cater to both of these objectives. Our coaches are passionate about the many benefits of this sport and ensure that all members of your class are able to participate in a fun, inclusive environment.

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