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Proactivity COVID-19 Safety Policies

COVID-19 Policy Summary

Proactivity has put together safe, compliant programs tailored to delivering great experiences for children and for your reassurance, we’ve compiled a COVID-19 policy document that covers our safety procedures in detail.

All Proactivity coaches are fully vaccinated.

We have a ‘No symptoms tolerance‘. No matter how minor the symptoms, our staff will be asked to isolate if they demonstrate any cold or flu like symptoms. Your program will be run by a healthy replacement coach.

We are following strict hygiene practices that are in line with the Australian government guidelines. All staff have been supplied with hand sanitizer to use consistently and appropriately throughout their day.

Our equipment will be used within one school per day only. All our equipment is sprayed and disinfected between sessions and at the end of the day.

Whilst the Australian government has deemed it not appropriate or practical to apply a physical distancing rules within the school environment. Proactivity is dedicated to applying safe distancing practices where practical. Any expectations within the school will be followed and a safe 1.5 distancing rule will be applied between staff.

To minimise the mixing of classes and cohort we are happy to run Incursions one class at a time at no additional cost until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

As per the government guidelines, we encourage schools to maximise outdoor learning, running programs outside where appropriate. Where this is not possible, large, well ventilated spaces such as halls are encouraged. Sessions will also be adapted to better suit these guidelines.

Proactivity staff will abide by your school policies. Congregation will not occur in areas where it is deemed inappropriate. Access to a staff toilet and a drinking tap must be provided to Proactivity staff.

Download our policy document

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