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Cheerleading programs for Schools

Active, exciting cheerleading programs for kids of all ages.

Cheerleading is a rapidly growing sport worldwide, renowned for its competitiveness and unique coed nature. It offers an enjoyable and distinctive approach to maintaining fitness while fostering lifelong friendships.

Our cheerleading program offers numerous benefits to Students. Here are some key advantages of being part of a Cheerleading program:

  1. Physical Fitness: Cheerleading involves rigorous physical activity, including stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance routines. Regular sessions and practice improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness.
  2. Teamwork and Collaboration: Cheerleading is a highly team-oriented sport. Students will learn the importance of working together, supporting each other, and synchronizing their movements.
  3. Mental Focus and Concentration: Cheerleading routines require mental focus and concentration to execute intricate moves. Students will learn to stay present in the moment, maintain focus under pressure, and enhance their cognitive abilities.
  4. Lifelong Skills: The skills acquired through cheerleading, such as teamwork, communication, discipline, and resilience, extend beyond the sport and can be applied to academic pursuits, careers, and personal relationships.
  5. Fun and Enjoyment: Above all, cheerleading is a fun and exciting activity that brings joy to participants. It allows students to express themselves creatively and create lasting memories.

Overall, participating in a cheerleading program offers a wide range of physical, emotional, and social benefits that contribute to personal growth and development.

We provide:

Accredited Coaches
All equipment is supplied, set up and packed up
10+ sports programs to choose from
A flexible delivery model
Risk management plans

16+ Years of Fantastic Sports Incursions!

Proactivity has been providing students with positive learning experiences for 16+ years, trusted by schools across Melbourne and surrounding areas. Trusted by many Schools such as Haileybury, PLC, Shelford Girls’ Grammar, Kilbreda College, Norwood Secondary College, Box Hill North Primary School, Glen Waverley South Primary School, Wesley College and so much more!

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