Student Wellbeing Program Overview

Student Wellbeing has never become more important. It’s a connection between learning, engagement and developing positive relationships.

Through positive Health and Wellbeing Programs, Students can build physical and mental resilience which will have a positive outcome on their experience in School and life beyond.

Our Student Wellbeing Solution

At Proactivity, we have created Fun Movement Incursion Programs aligned with your School's Values, Framework and Aspirations. In all our Programs we aim to establish:

  • Development of teamwork and communication.
  • Development of coordination and advanced movement skills.
  • Improve focus and problem solving skills.
  • Nurture Mental health and build resilience.
Yoga Secondary Students

Program Inclusions

Through collaboration and learning with our current Primary and Secondary Schools, Proactivity has established the following key Wellbeing Themes and Activities around Team building, Respectful Relationships, Building Resilience and being Active For Life.

Primary School Wellbeing Incursions

Proactivity success stories from other schools

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Deborah Handsley New Testimonial

School Ready

  • Current Risk Assessments, Insurance and WWCC’s
  • Qualified Instructors and all equipment provided
  • Flexible delivery model
  • Proactivity is committed to keeping Students safe. Please see our COVID-19 Policies for more information.
Our Proactivity Guarantee

All equipment is provided and Proactivity's Professional Coaches ensure that the Events run smoothly and safely.