​At Proactivity, we pride ourselves on school incursions specially curated for Year 9 and 10 students’ learning through positive, challenging practical experiences.

The Year 9 and 10 curriculum supports students to refine and apply strategies for maintaining a positive outlook and evaluating behavioral expectations in different leisure, social, movement, and online situations. Students learn to critically analyse and apply health and physical activity information to devise and implement personalised plans for maintaining healthy and active habits. They also experience different roles that contribute to successful participation in physical activity. In Years 9 and 10, students learn to apply more specialised movement skills and complex movement strategies and concepts in different movement environments. Students propose and evaluate interventions to improve fitness and physical activity levels in their communities. They apply and transfer movement concepts and strategies to new and challenging movement situations. They apply criteria to make judgments about and refine their own and others’ specialised movement skills and movement performances. They work collaboratively to design and apply solutions to movement challenges.

Moving Our Body

Provide and apply feedback to develop and refine specialised movement skills in a range of challenging movement situations ACPMP099.

Develop, implement and evaluate movement concepts and strategies for successful outcomes with and without equipment ACPMP101.

Understanding Movement

Design, implement and evaluate personalised plans for improving or maintaining their own and others’ physical activity and fitness levels ACPMP102.

Examine the role physical activity, outdoor recreation and sport play in the lives of Australians and investigate how this has changed over time ACPMP104

Learning Through Movement

Devise, implement and refine strategies demonstrating leadership and collaboration skills when working in groups or teams ACPMP105.

Transfer understanding from previous movement experiences to create solutions to movement challenges ACPMP106.

Benefits of Proactivity Programs:
  • Proactivity programs come to your school or preferred venue.
  • Our coaches are fully qualified and have expertise in sports and recreational activities. They have been selected for their passion for movement and inspiring approach to leadership.
  • We ensure that all programs are individually designed to reach the needs of your students and school facilities.
  • We use best practise models of leadership and coaching to ensure your students are able to develop their skills in sports and improve their self confidence in activity.
  • We create inclusive programs that allow every student to be supported by their school community and develop a positive understanding of themselves and others, regardless of their differences, culture and abilities.
Our programs can be used for:
  • Health and Physical Education lessons
  • Year Level Sports days
  • Outdoor Leadership days
  • Health and Wellbeing Experiences
  • Active Recreation pursuits
  • Celebration and Reward days
  • Orientation days

Proactivity is committed to keeping students safe, please see our COVID-19 Policies for more information.

Programs for Year 9 & 10