Proactivity deliver quality sports education programs to cater for students with additional needs.

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At Proactivity we know that sport is an enabler for people with disabilities to acquire vital social skills, develop independence, and become empowered to act as agents of change. We offer Movement and Sport programs that teach individuals how to communicate effectively, as well as the ideals of teamwork, cooperation and respect for others. These skills can be transferred into other new arenas including employment and advocacy work further helping to build independence.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” - Christopher Reeve

Proactivity programs are tailored to meet the needs of your students. We offer a variety of traditional and innovative programs that are designed to interact with others in a positive context and helps to reshape assumptions about what persons with disabilities can and cannot do.

Party with Proactivity

Our recreational gymnastics classes are designed for people with special needs and are held at your venue. Our qualified coaches, understand the opportunities that are available when people are confident in their movements and are given positive movement experiences through activities that develop their fundamental movement skills. We come to you and bring appropriate equipment and activities, so that your students are comfortable working in an environment that they know.

Circus Fun

Proactivity Circus Fun program is designed for students with special needs and promotes improvement in motor skills, coordination, agility and team work. Our qualified instructors will have your students engaged in activities that include juggling, spinning plates and hula hoop just to name a few. Students are encouraged to work together, be creative and develop their self confidence. A program that is sure to be fun, energetic and put a smile on the face of every participant.

Dance Moves

The Proactivity Dance Moves program uses a variety of dance styles to develop the health and wellbeing of people with a disability. Our dance instructors understand the enormous benefits of using movement to music in a safe, fun and caring environment. Our programs can include hip hop, salsa, line dancing and dancehall to name a few. This positive experience using dance enhances social skills and builds self esteem.

Sports Expo Days

Proactivity have a long history of running sports expos for schools. The benefits from these days of activity include positive experiences in sport, improved self esteem, teamwork and collaboration skills. Our qualified coaches are passionate about all people having opportunities to develop their movement skills. We use adapted activities and innovative equipment that ensures your students will have a successful day in a safe, fun environment.