Proactivity's School Incursion programs are designed to cater to the needs of your school and students. We challenge and engage your students through a variety of physical activities that develop confidence, resilience, and teamwork. Our Primary and Secondary School Incursion programs are designed to engage your students in active learning to improve their skills and capabilities.

Proactivity is committed to keeping students safe, please see our COVID-19 Policies for more information.

All Proactivity coaches are fully vaccinated.

Proactivity School Success Stories

Stephanie Evans
Active lunchtime live streamed sessions

Catholic Ladies' College (CLC) was closed to students due to the COVID 19 pandemic from the start of Term 2 for 8 weeks. During this time, CLC hired external instructors to run active lunchtime live streamed sessions, so that students could participate from home The sessions were also recorded and put onto a Wellness@home hub (intranet) for students to access at any other time. CLC has contracted Proactivity for the past several years to conduct classroom sessions. We reached out again to Proactivity during theses unusual times as we were confident that their professional presentations would work well on camera for an audience participating via live streaming. During this Term we had Proactivity instructors present Streetdance, Yoga and Karate Fitness. We live streamed and recorded one session, then recorded a second session with each instructor. Every instructor was punctual and professional. Their presentation style was engaging and targeted appropriately for our audience. The instructors were easy to work with and happy to accommodate our requirements in the new digital space. Working with Proactivity through the booking process was also easy and they responded to our requests quickly and with the utmost professionalism.

Chris Harvey
Coburg West Primary School
A fantastic gymnastics program

Thanks again for all of your organisation in putting together a fantastic gymnastics program. The grade 1/2's loved it. Many students have gone to inquire about local gymnastics as an after school activity

Parkdale Primary School
Great presenters and kept the children engaged

The sessions on Friday went very well. Both Andre and Carla were great presenters and kept the children engaged and active throughout their session. We had strong turnouts across each of the four sessions and the children enjoyed the variety of activities they completed. Thanks for being a part of our Footy Day and working with us to provide the four multi-age sessions!

Melbourne Girls' College
Today went so well!

Today went so well! Both Bel and Estelle were so well received by the Year 7 students. We are interested in booking another session in term 4 and will let you know dates/details when we plan it out.

Keysborough Freedom Club Occasional Childcare Centre
Full of laughter...!

The place was full of laughter with children engaged in various fun-filled physical activities! 'Circus skills' was a perfect program to promote healthy and active life for 3-5 years old. The children explored the equipment, used their body parts and imagination to perform various actions. Thanks Proactivity for running a well organised program!

Casa Bambini Blackburn
Best incursion ever!

We have been having Proactivity incursion since September and it is the best incursion ever! The facilitator is brilliant, tuning to each and every child effortlessly, enjoying every moment of the session! Children follow H’s instruction and often talk about the “Circus”, how good they are spinning their plates, juggling and putting their hands in the rainbow paint!!! Creativity is the best allied for children and the Circus incursion support building a strong creativity sense and resilience, Children keep trying until they get it! We would recommend Proactivity to all centres, schools, parties! When competition is not the main focus, children are allowed to further investigate their abilities and just give it a try!

Yarra Valley Grammar
Gymnastics program

The coaches for our Gymnastics program were excellent! They were friendly, well prepared and extremely knowledgeable about the variety of skills being taught to our Year 8 students. The students felt comfortable with them and were able to practise and refine a variety of movements and sequences in a safe environment. It was a positive experience for all involved and we would certainly look to get the coaches back again.

Highly recommended!

I rang Proactivity for help with my 9 year old sons birthday party. Jeremy was extremely helpful over the phone and seemed to have a good handle on what would keep 18 x 9 year olds occupied! It was all very simple to sort and Nathan who came on the day had them running, jumping, competing and generally having a very active fun time. They did handball, hurdles, sack races, tug of war and more.... He was completely self contained and managed all the boys beautifully. Highly recommended...

I couldn't recommend them highly enough!

Simon was fantastic to deal with in the lead up to the party - very accommodating, stepped me through what I needed to do, and called the day before to confirm that all was in order. At the start of my 6 year old's party I had 25 kids running crazy in the playground - I was horrified! Then Simon and Simon arrived, blew their whistles, and had it all under control within seconds. All the kids were engaged the whole time - they had an absolutely fantastic time playing all sorts of games and running about - but all super organised and contained. There was not one child that was out of line or naughty for the whole party - and all the parents raved afterwards about what fun their children had had. I couldn't recommend them highly enough - I think it will be an annual event for my kids from now on!

Proactivity - Fantastic!

I have used Proactivity for the last 2 of my son's birthday parties (5 & 6 y.o.) and think they are fantastic. Jeremy is super organised and keeps the kids entertained and excited for the entire hour. He also brings everything, so it makes the party planning an absolute breeze. The first time I used them was a sport theme party and this year more games focussed and both times the kids have been involved, excited and extremely enthusiastic. Jeremy and his staff are brilliant and keeping everything under control and do so many varied activities that the kids are kept busy and have the best time. They also encourage the kids to cheer each other on which is lovely to watch and ensures everyone feels great. I give Proactivity rave reviews and highly recommend them for anyone looking for an activity that all kids will love.